Monday, February 13, 2017

Fun with pigment powders

I'm not entirely sure if Brusho is the exact same as the Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powders as I have not used the Brusho before. But in watching the videos, it seems they are the same type of thing.

I mentioned in the blog just before this that when I first laid eyes on the Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powder I was at a loss as to what, on God's green earth, you'd use them for. I played with them a bit and the result was so much less than inspirational, I shelved them for a few months. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. Wait, let me back up even more ... I seem to have some programming that keeps me from jumping on board with new ideas, even if they are marvelous inventions (probably one of the last people to ever use a GPS for example!). Ya, I don't know where that funky programming is from but at 55, I am not sure I can get past it 😏. So with this "programming" I was a hold out on becoming addicted to Pinterest. I know, right??!!

So now, of course, I'm a Pinterest junkie. I wake up, pour a coffee and pin my fool-head off before I have to get ready for work.

OK now you are up to date.

So I find "Brusho" on Pinterest. Light bulb moment!! Ahhhh, now I see how those Pixie Powders work. And so now I can't get enough Pixie Powder cards done!!

I found this video which is really the basis of the Brusho or Pixie Powders and I'll share it here. 

I did the second technique and created this card. But like I've said, I can't find enough hours in the day to try different card making techniques using these wonderful pigment powders. But rest-assured, I'll be posting them here when I make them. 

I am going to have a little give-away ... post a comment on any blog in the month of February and your name will be entered in a draw to receive this combination of Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powders used in the above card. Comment on each blog to increase your entries. Only one comment per blog but you can comment on any and every blog entry in February.

Until next time,


Pixie Powders by Cosmic Shimmer are available at Ecstasy Crafts.


  1. Jenn, I absolutely love your card made with the Pixie Powders. I have never tried them before either but now am excited to give them a try. You are not the only one without a GPS; I do not use one either. I also do not have a Smart Phone or iPad or iPod and couldn't even tell the difference between them all. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card and the inspiration to try these powders.

  2. Jenn, I love the cards you have made using pixie powders, I've purchased some from your store and love using them. I did a card the other day using the peacock card using blue and green, it turned out gorgeous, thanks for the chance to win. I am happy you folks are making changes to the website and are now doing a blog, helps when you are a rookie and don't know how to use many of the supplies.

    Lori from Courtenay

    1. Hey Lori, if you want to send me a picture of your Peacock card, I'd love to feature it in a future Pixie Powder blog.

  3. I love that Thank You card. Makes me want to try these powders!!

  4. OMG I love it so can't wait to try this looks like so much fun!

  5. The card you made using the Pixie Powders is absolutely stunning. I am more inspired than ever to give those powders a try.

    Diana from California, USA

  6. Need these powders in my craft stash!

  7. Have signed up for this class. The card is gorgeous!

  8. Hi Jen, thanks for all your insights and inspiration. Perhaps creating a mask for your frame and creating a sky background. Re-stamp your message and adhere it with the foam for some dimension. Also you could add a couple of small butterflies to cover the 'oops'.


  9. I love your card, stunning. I can't wait to try the Pixie Powders.