Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Stencils and brushes and quick cards!!

We received our shipment of the ClarityStamp Stencil Brushes and i had a chance to play on Saturday.

Watched a couple of videos (I'll link below) and thought I was ready to whip off some lovely stencil cards.

Ooops, I was mistaken, there was a bit of a learning curve.

Here are the videos I watched on the brushes:

Seems easy enough, right?

Well it is and it isn't. I picked out a simple stencil from Creative Expressions and used ink colors I had open, pear, yellow and Mediterranean blue on white card stock. I did not get the desired results. Here's a picture: 

Pretty awful, right? Even tried it again thinking it was my blending ability ... nope just as bad.

So I took a step back and thought, what colors do I love? One of my favorite color combinations is turquoise and brown. So I used those colors and a simple 5 x 5 inch pre-packaged card and layered it with the two colors. Here's a step by step pictorial:

Luckily, I chose right off to put my sentiment stamp on my Position-It. And if I hadn't you can see on the first hit of ink to paper, it was not good coverage. I imagine because of the space this script takes up, leaves room for an imperfect ink-to-paper hit. I went over the "Thanks" 4 times to get nice saturation.

But isn't that a lovely card?

I used a simple multi-frame die from Marianne Designs (one of my favorites for its simplicity and size) and the 4-pack of Romak card stock with envelopes. Whip out 4 of these with a variety of the sentiments from the Creative Expressions "Stylish Script" stamp set and you've got a really nice set of cards for any time you need a card quick!

My next play session will be on mixed media as I have a card class scheduled and I don't even have a card done yet. Stay tuned for more fun with paper crafting!!

Until next time,


Products used can all be purchased at www.ecstasycrafts.com

Marianne multi frame square (CR1332).
Creative Expressions Stylish Script stamp set (CEC820) 
ClarityStamp Stencil Brush (ACCBR30006) 
Creative Expressions stencil (Mask)

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  1. Looks good! Love the large script stamps. I saw the brushes last time I was in, they felt really soft and looked like good quality. 🙃