Thursday, January 26, 2017

Simple stamp coloring

Since everyone and their sister has come out with a stamping device, let's get some stamping fun started. We use the Position-It here and I can attest to the merits of this stamping system.

I have always loved adding stamps to my cards. But I would always stick with simple ones because I wasn't comfortable coloring them in. I'm still not, actually. But now with these stamping positioning devices, you can take advantage of layering up your stamp. 

Starting with the lightest color, I inked up what would be yellow (in this case). I then pulled the color into the stamp to fill in the petals.


I added another color yellow, a bit deeper and stamped to give it a bit of an outline.


Next I found the little leaves and a few stems and inked them a mid-tone green and pulled that color in. Then outlined with a darker green.

I did the browns of the centers and the basket then pulled that into the basket. I used a bit of the yellow to give it a bit of dimension. And if you look at this picture, most people probably would have given up on this one because the browns are a bit smooshy. But I can't stress enough how patience is THE most important aspect of working with any inks!

Then I did a really light cover of jet black to give it outline. You can certainly omit that step.

And now I have a fabulous sunflower to add to a card. I did another sunflower at home the other night with a card sample, I've posted that here to give you an idea. Both of these stamps are from Frog's Whiskers.

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  1. the Position It makes stamping look soooooo easy, might consider taking it up again.

    Lori from Courtenay