Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Thinking outside the box ...

One of my co-workers made this fabulous card and I thought it was blog-worthy.

First, it uses my very favorite box card die (Marianne Designs CR1374). She, like me, is a scene card maker and was inspired by the December Frantic Stamper die release "Visions of the East."

So many tiny aspects of card-making bring a card to the next level. I kind of liken the detail to when you are selling a house and you wash baseboards, no one sees you washed baseboards, but it just brings the house to another level.

I had to take two photos of this card to show the subtleties. First in the front, using red and a gold gilding wax on the building, the differing outfits on the Asian women .... but what elevates this card is the use of parchment paper to create the back and the lanterns. First the fact that the lanterns aren't even with the Frantic Stamper collection but rather with the Marianne Designs box card die set, is inspired, but then to do them in parchment paper is very creative, in my mind.

I hope you all take pleasure, as much as I do, in what it takes to bring your cards to the next level.

Until next time.


Dies used: 

Marianne Designs Box Card Die (CR1374)
Frantic Stamper Kokeshi Japanese Paper Doll (FRA10067)
Joy! Crafts Orientals Temple (60020229)
Joy! Crafts Orientals Bamboo (60020230)

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