Thursday, February 2, 2017

Embossing folder technique: Embossing "diffuser"

It seems hard to find embossing folders I like that have an open [non-embossed] center to place sentiments.

There are products you can purchase called diffusers that allow you to omit an area of the embossing folder from connecting with the paper. 

I'll explain in a little pictorial. This isn't a new technique but worth sharing here as it has come to my attention that some people aren't familiar with this embossing technique.

I used a piece of cardboard that you'd find on the back of writing tablets and my favorite nesting oval.

Cut the cardboard in half so it would be nice and thick when taped together. Cut the oval out of the center of the first half then marked that spot on the second half so it would be in the same spot.

Cut the two out then tape together with double sided tape.

You can see how nice and thick the finished template is.

Mark your card stock on the template as to where you want it positioned. 

You can see the mark through the embossing folder so you know you are lined up in correct position.

Now emboss as your machine instructs. This leaves a nice opening for sentiments, stamps, tags, toppers or whatever you needed the open space for. You can use the center cut oval to emboss that area instead of the outlying area.

Until next time,