Saturday, February 25, 2017

Full Participation Required!

So I was making a card today. Of course using watercolor markers and stamps, my new favorite thing. Well it didn't start out as a card, I was just playing with the Position-It stamping tool but then my stamp took shape so I started building the card. 

Now I would hope each of you has been in the same spot as me, don't make me feel totally inept. I put the whole card together *then* remembered I hadn't stamped my sentiment. 

Of course, it didn't turn out .... here's the picture ...

So here's were the "Full Participation Required" part comes in. I haven't finished my "fix" but what I wanted from readers is any tips and tricks you have up your sleeve for ways to fix and and all card blunders you've encountered.

For this card and blunder, I found an ink pad in the same tone as my card stock and I am layering up the off-white with a Q-tip to cover the "over stamp" on the edges of my sentiment. I have enlarged the sentiment to help show my mistake. It was darker and I have already applied a few layers of off-white pigment ink to start the covering process.

We'll ignore the fact that it is slightly crooked, that I won't be able to fix and will have to live with that particular mistake.

So please post your fixes in the comments of this blog. And don't forget those entries will put your name in to win the Pixie Powders used in the February 13th blog "Fun With Pigment Powders"

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  1. I use a white gel pen to cover up mistakes if they are on a white background. I also use a black gel pen or marker sometimes when I need to cover up white space that shows under a darker colored die cut on a white background.

  2. I would have stamped the saying again on a different piece of card stock, cut it out with a decorative frame die and attached it over the saying with sponge dots

    1. Yes this is exactly how I normally would have fixed this. Thought I'd try it with the off-white ink because it was the quickest fix for me .... then I didn't have to find a tag the right size.

  3. One reason I never stamp directly on a finished card. It is almost impossible to cover dark ink on a white card. Most white inks are opaque and the dark ink just bleeds through.

    1. I agree, I usually don't take these risks, for the simple reason it's too easy to ruin the card with bad positioning.

  4. Such a nice card and here on the west coast Spring is certainly welcome after all of our snow.

    Lori from Courtenay

  5. I'm not a big stamper, or at least I am new to stamping, use more dies than anything but I've been watching a lot of youtube videos recently. II know this didn't start out as a card but I've seen many videos that stamp the saying first so there is no problems, after doing all of the work on a card, it would be a shame to have a mistake at the end.