Monday, February 27, 2017

Marianne Designs: Blog spotlight

We just received the spring collection from Marianne Designs and I haven't yet had a chance to play with them. But Marianne Designs has a blog and several designers so there is always inspiration and card designs on her blog.

I'll just post some of the cards made with this latest collection here and you can check them out on her blog.

This card uses the "Box Card Die" that is one of my favorites as it's base and filled in with delightful garden images. Just right up my alley, this one is! I will recreate it to some extent for sure.

The collection has two "confetti" dies one of flower heads and the other of garden veggies. As well two vines, so you can create garden veggie vines or garden flower vies.

Both equally delightful.

This card uses some of the dies from last year that are favorites of mine, the rubber boots, rake, and door add to this theme.

There is an edger die that is so well thought out, it has the notches cut out so you can tuck the veggies into the "ground"

there is also a "seed packet" die. I mean did they not think of everything??!!
Here's the Marianne Blog, has an option at the top to pick your language:

Bookmark this Blog for inspiration!

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And of course, this entire collection can be found at Ecstasy Crafts.


  1. Lovely cards but I wouldn't have the patience for this one!

    Lori from Courtenay